The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers Podcast (time's yours)

We have a lot to catch up on! Spike and Mike talk Wroten's ACL, #PointJaKarr, Larry Drew II, some Super Bowl / NBA Prop Bets, and Mike's new USB mic!

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We're back! The original Sixers podcast talks MCW trade rumors, the Oscars, who would you trade for Stauskas, and of course, some firey hot takes. 

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Just kidding! No New Year's Resolutions here. But we do discuss the possible Jason Richardson return, Mo Speezy's vendetta against Doug Collins, MCW's struggles and Team Chill Part II. 

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Spike, Mike and a very special guest discuss the win over the Heat, gifts for the Sixers, and KJ's mom.

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We bid a fond farewell to Brandon Davies, start a war with the NBA After Dark podcast, and bathe in the glory of Big Shot Bob Covington.

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Mike got Skype so the podcast sounds great! We talk about Big Shot Bob Covington and take a million questions about the Sixers from Twitter.

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They won. We celebrate.

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It's a Black Friday edition of the Ricky! We take Twitter questions, talk MCW vs. Wroten, give progress reports on every player, and give some great Black Friday deals.Today's sponsor is Michael Baumann's awesome book Philadelphia Phenoms: The Most Amazing Athletes To Play In The City Of Philadelphia, a WONDERFUL gift for the sports fan in your life.

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Quite a return for Michael Carter-Williams!

We discuss the Sixers big third quarter win over the Mavericks, the return of MCW , the (probable) arrival of Robert Covington, the Tony Wroten All-Star campaign, who Malcolm Thomas was, as well as some firey hot takes on Derrick Rose and the Spurs.

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Find out why this season is the Year Of The Ricky! We talk Wroten, Davies (!), KJ, Nerlens, MCW, LRMAM and Chris Johnson. We talk a little bit about the Cavs struggles, and get to a Jigsaw.

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