The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers Podcast
I talk to Philly Daily News beat writer Bob Cooney about the prospects for this year's Sixers team.
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Pat Gallen and I talk about the Phillies off-season activities, and what the Marlins signings of Jose Reyes and possibly Albert Pujols mean, as well as whether or not the Sixers schedule benefits team. We also get into what it will take to keep Thad Young.
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Spike and Lee talk about a team who is way, way, way worse than anyone ever imagined.
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I talk to writer Chuck Klosterman about his new book, The Visible Man, as well as Twitter, the NBA lockout, being overrated and underrated, and who exactly is "the man."
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Finally, we're talking about basketball! Pat Gallen and talk about the effect the new CBA and schedule will have on the Sixers. Then, I talk to Philly Reem about his buddy Mo Speights and whether he should be traded or stay right here.
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So that was pretty bad. Spike and Lee Russakoff try to figure out how it got this bad for the Eagles, and who is with the team next year.
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With their backs planted firmly against the wall for what seems like the 5th straight week, the Eagles and Vince Young found a way to win Sunday night. Spike and Lee Russakoff decide whether it's a sign of things to come.
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The Eagles failures have cast a dark cloud over all of Philly sports. Spike and Pat Gallen talk about the negative spin Philly seems to have on everything these days.
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In maybe the worst loss of the Andy Reid era, the Eagles ended all chances of saving this season. The question is, can Andy Reid save himself? Spike and Lee Russakoff discuss.
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Spike and Pat Gallen discuss the many levels of the Penn State football failure, Ryan Madson's new contract and the Phillies options moving forward, and the NBA labor situation.
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