The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast

The very first Ricky spinoff podcast is a music podcast called The Carl Landry Record Club, hosted by Spike and Mutlu (aka Tommy From Down The Shore). The CLRC is a way to discover music that all of us love that might not be suggested to us by Apple or Spotify algorithms. We'll have great guests and want your album suggestions. The first episode is live, and there is an entirely different feed for it (this is the last time this will show up here). You can subscribe on Apple here you can subscribe on Spotify here, you can find the RSS feed here.

Or you can just search "Carl Landry Record Club" wherever you get your podcasts. 

Our theme music is by the awesome Philadelphia electric music duo, Marian Hill. You can find them on all music streaming services. 

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