The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast
Spike and Lee Russakoff talk about the Eagles blowout of the Cowboys, and what it means for their playoff hopes.
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Spike and Pat Gallen talk Eagles vs. Cowboys, Tim Tebow, The Phillies offseason, NBA Labor and the World Series.
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Spike talks to Esquire writer Scott Raab about his new book, The Whore Of Akron. They talk about James, Miami, Cleveland, Raab's journey and the NBA in general.
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I had Lee Russakoff (follow @LeeRussakoff) on the first Spike Eskin Dot Com Show this morning. We talked about whether the Eagles have any chance to save the season, and if Andy Reid can save his job.
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After two days of some hope, the NBA labor discussions fell apart yesterday, and they canceled the first two weeks of games. I talked to Kate Fagan from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the labor situation and its effect on the Sixers.
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Amazing as it sounds, the Eagles actually won on Sunday. It begs the question, “do you believe?” Lee Russakoff and I talk it over.
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