The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast
Why Brad Lidge and Pat Burrell get a pass with fans while Andre Iguodala and Donovan McNabb do not.
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Sixers talk and why I'm cheering for the Giants in the Super Bowl.
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CSN's Marshall Harris joins me to talk about Philly Sports Villains.
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Matt Moore joins me to talk about the Sixers, Amare Stoudemire and Dwight Howard.
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Brad Lidge's career as a Phillie is over. Spike and Pat talk about his 2008 season's historical significance. As well, they do the Philadelphia athlete draft, and debut three questions.
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Andre Iguodala, for one reason or another, has not resonated with Philadelphia fans. Spike and Pat talk about why, if he ever will, and some other players who fit the same mold.
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