The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast

Spike and Lee discuss whether they believed the Eagles would lose the game, Nick Foles' performance, Chip Kelly's decisions, and the defense's inability to get pressure. Is Chip Kelly the coach of the year? And Chris Johnson has a thrilling Warm It Up as usual. 

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Does Lee finally admit the Eagles are good? Does Spike finally admit Nick Foles is good? What vegetables will Chris Johnson serve at Christmas dinner?

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Fantasource gives out an NFL three-team tease for this weekend, Spike gives out his "gut" tease, and they discuss value in Super Bowl odds. 

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Spike and Mike talk about Sixers trade rumors, defensive struggles, why you shouldn't watch every game, and get to some Twitter questions. There is a new edition of THE JIGSAW as well. 

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Spike and Lee continue their weekly debate about whether or not the Eagles are "good," discuss Chip Kelly's coaching decisions, the performance of Nick Foles and just how bad Patrick Chung is. Chris Johnson warms it up with questions about quarterbacks, Chip's future, and baseball. 

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Fantasource looks to get back over .500 with another NFL three team tease. Spike gives his uninformed "gut" three teame teaser, and some interesting late season and AFC/NFC trends. 

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94WIP Show from Wednesday, December 11th. Raised Eagles expectations, thankful for the hiring of Chip Kelly. Howard Eskin invades the show to start a brief fight. Mark Saltveit, author of The Tao Of Chip Kelly joins the show to talk about Chip's influence on defense and the ceiling of the offense. Finally, Tailgate Fan's Nick Stevens joins the show to talk about the best tailgates in the country.

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Spike and Mike talk about the Sixers finally getting bad, Spike admitting how much he can't stand Evan Turner, and who is getting traded, when, and for whom. Also a new edition of THE JIGSAW.

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Spike and Lee talk about the Snow Bowl, the Eagles playoff prospects, if Kelly can win coach of the year, and Nick Foles. Chris Johnson Warms It Up with three questions that really nails Lee. 

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Mike gets his dream of talking about Kendall Marshall at length on the podcast. Spike and Mike talk defense, trades, MCW, take some Twitter questions and introduce the newest segment of the podcast, THE JIGSAW. 

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Fantasource is back on the winning track, and Delco's #1 handicapper gives you another three team tease in the NFL. Spike also gives his unresearched, 'gut' three-team tease. Fantasource also recaps some futures bets he made prior to the NFL season. 

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Spike and Lee talk about the Eagles second half issues, if maybe they're actually good, and preview the Lions game. They also try to figure out how many of their remaining four games they'll win. A very special Warm It Up Chris looks and Donovan McNabb and Johnny Football. 

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Fantasource drops a little knowledge and gives an NFL three team tease for this week, Spike gives his "gut" three team tease, and we both try not to lose again.

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Spike and Mike talk to former Sixers guard Eric Snow about his current job as Director of Player Development at SMU, his time with the Sixers and Cavs, and the current state of the college and NBA games. We also ask him if he fell asleep on the air.

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Fantasource tries to battle back to .500 with another three team tease, Spike gives his own "gut" three team tease, and Fantasource finally explains the story behind his avatar. 

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Topics include: Are the Eagles an actual good team? Is the NFL as good as it was 10 years ago, and will it be as popular as it is in ten years? A-Rod gets a raw deal and fights back. Finally, poeple insisted I talk about whether the Sixers should trade Evan Turner. 

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Spike and Mike discuss the MCW-free road trip, the play of Wroten, Davies and Morris, potential trade scenarios involving the Rockets and Knicks, and take some questions from Twitter. 

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In the NFL, there are good teams, there are bad teams, and there is a big group in the middle. Have the Eagles elevated themselves to the bottom rung of the top level? Spike and Lee discuss, and Chris Johnson asks some pressing quarterback questions.

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Fantasource gives his NFL three team tease for the week, and explains how you at home can generate your own trends in any sport. 

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Topics include: Chip Kelly as a coach of the year candidate, Nick Foles as the worst QB in the NFC East, the disturbing and disappointing state of the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Sixers surprising win over the Rockets. Guests include Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers and Howard Eskin.

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Spike and Mike talk about whether or not, and when to trade Evan Turner. They talk about the monster night of college basketball and the pro prospects and overreaction to the play of Parker, Wiggins and Randle. Finally, they discuss the week in Sixers basketball, including the double overtime thriller against the Cavs. 

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Spike and Lee discuss whether Spike is being unfair to Nick Foles, the improved play of Riley Cooper as well as the Eagles defense, and three questions from Chris Johnson in Warm It Up Chris. 

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Spike and Fantasource give you a new NFL three team teaser, and Fantasource explains how sports books come up with the lines in games. 

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Spike talks to comedian, actor, freedom fighter, and announcer for the Artie Lange Show Mike Bocchetti about his upcoming comedy gigs at the Valley Forge Casino, working with Robert De Niro and Artie Lange, and his upcoming web series, Tubbyman.

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Spike and Mike recap and amazing first week of basketball for the 2013-14 Sixers, evaluate the players so far, and profess their love for Tony Wroten.  

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Seven touchdown passes! Chip Kelly's back baby! Is Nick Foles the quarterback of the future? No, this is not the podcast we did after the Bucs game, but it sure seems like it. 

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Fantasource is back, baby! A winner on last week's three team teaser brings the season record to 3-1. Spike and Fantasource give an NFL three team teaser and go over the latest Super Bowl odds. 

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Somehow, the Sixers steal the show! 10pm until 2am, right after the Sixers shocking win over the Heat. Michael Levin, Chris Vito, Tzvi Twersky and Howard Eskin join the show. A little Eagles stuff in there as well.

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It's a tanktastic Sixers season preview with Spike and Mike. They discuss what to watch for this season, some over/unders, and Spike's breakfast with Sam Hinkie.

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Spike and Lee discuss how Michael Vick was ever a choice to start that game, Chip Kelly's questionable decision-making during the game, Matt Barkley's play, and Chris Johnson returns with his own segment. Oh, and maybe it's Tebow Time. 

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Spike and Mike discuss the Sixers cuts of Royce White, Vander Blue, Khalif Wyatt and Mac Koshwal. Brett Brown's comments about Nerlens Noel are discussed. They thank David Aldridge for the best #RTRS mention over. Finally, Spike and Mike play "Doug Collins Quotes," and give some relationship advice. 

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Delco legend Fanatasource gives his weekly three team tease in the NFL, and rates it four out of five Bazaars. Spike and Fantasource also talk NBA MVP, Rookie Of The Year, and Rebounding Leader odds. 

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Nick Fails, get it! How about Nick FoLOLes? Spike and Lee talk about the Eagles loss to the Cowboys, discuss Michael Vick's state of mind, do three observations from Chris Johnson, and discuss Steve Eskin.

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Spike and Mike talk about the Sixers preseason losses to the Nets and Bobcats, Allen Iverson, the Iverson Sixers vs. the Lebron Cavs, and which of the currents Sixers they'd buy stock in. They end with some relationship advice from Mike. 

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Fantasource is back with his 2-0 three-team-teaser record to give another one for this weekend's NFL action. We also decide on a Delco rating scale for the Fantasource teasers. 

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The quarterback controversy is in full swing, and Spike is still on Michael Vick island. ESPN's Bomani Jones joins the show at the 15 minute mark, and the official Chip Kelly Expert of the Spike Eskin Show, Tony Granieri joins the show at the 85 minute mark.

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It's Nick Foles fever! Do you have it?! Spike and Lee (Chris still MIA) discuss the QB controversy, who we think will start against the Cowboys, who should start against the Cowboys, and if it's ok that Spike wanted Foles to fail

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Spike's 94WIP show (sans commercials) from Wednesday night, October 9th, from 10pm until 2am. It was Nick Foles vs. Michael Vick night, and it got a little intense. Howard Eskin stops by for some comic relief.

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It's The Degenerate with Spike and Fantasource! Coming off his three team teaser win last week, Fantasource gives another NFL three team teaser, discuss NFL 20 point favorites, and go over NBA Championship odds.

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Spike and Mike discuss the play of the Sixers in their first preseason games, even though Mike hasn't seen either of them. To end the show, Spike peppers Mike with sound clips of Doug Collins. 

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Spike and Lee mourn Chris' absence from the podcast this week, but still pull it together to talk about Nick Foles vs. MichaelVick, Josh Freeman, just how bad the Giants are, and why you shouldn't compare real life shootings to Breaking Bad if you work for a TV station.

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I don't know what else to say. On today's #RTRS we talk to Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie. Rate us well on friggin iTunes. 

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The first edition of The Degenerate! Every week Fantasource will give you an NFL three-team teaser, and this week we discuss some NBA season win totals.

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Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Denver game, and why it seems like Chip Kelly has lost his balls. We annoy Lee with Howie Roseman clips, and close with a discussion of the Breaking Bad finale (we warn you). 

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In the last Rights To Ricky before Sixers training camp begins, Spike and Mike take some listener questions about what we can expect from MCW and Nerlens, who else to keep an eye on, break some Sixers news and give relationship advice. 

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Spike talks to Laura Fraser, who plays Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, about her character, the end of Breaking Bad, and whether Todd has any chance with Lydia. 

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Spike, Lee and Chris discuss the return of Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid, as well as the Eagles gross, ugly loss to the Chiefs.

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Spike and Mike recap the exciting conclusion of #HanginWithSpencer, talk about the Sixers place in NBA Rank, and discuss the latest Andrew Bynum news.

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Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Eagles loss to the Chargers, Nate Allen, Vick's play, why they don't have Colin Kaepernick, and whose face Lee wants to spit in the most.

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Spike and Mike talk about the progress of #HanginWithSpencer, the possible acquisition of Roddy, Boobie, Duhon or Cartier, rooting for bad guys, and the newest Sixers assistant coach. WHEW.
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Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Eagles win over Washington, the frenetic pace of the offense, whether Vick can stay healthy, and predict the Chargers game.
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Time's Yours is back! Spike, Lee Russakoff and Chris Johnson preview the Eagles season, Lee goes off on Howie Roseman, and we talk about butting in line at the movie theatre.
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Spike and Mike talk about Royce White, take some Twitter questions, and discuss Mike's lifelong dream of hanging out with Spencer Hawes
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Spike and Mike discuss Brett Brown's first impressions, Tony Wroten and the construction of the Sixers roster, Sam Hinkie's moneyball and Miley Cyrus.
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Former WWE Creative Team member and long-time Spike Eskin Show guest Ange Goldstein checks in to talk about the role of babyfaces and heels in wrestling, and Wrestlemania in Philly.
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Talking with former Sixers beat reporter Kate Fagan about her job with ESPN, the media landscape, reading the comments and John Starks.
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Spike and Mike talk about the hiring of Brett Brown, the possible purchase of the Devils, Meek Mill and perhaps acquiring Andre Miller.
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Dion Waiters and Meek Mill come by to talk about rap, basketball, the Dream Chasers Summit and Kendrick Lamar.
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Spike and Mike talk about drunk driving, Greg Oden, Montell Jordan, the Sixers coaching search, Mike's tryout with a Sixers scout and when the team may hit five wins.
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Ange Goldstein previews Summer Slam, and I flip out on some caller about Evan Turner. Good times!
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More A-Rod! Really! And Riley Cooper, a civil discussion, enters the show.
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Jimmy Kempsky of Bleeding Green Nation joins the show to talk about the Eagles QB battle, and even more A-Rod! Howard Eskin tries to start trouble, but is thwarted.
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My four hour attempt at telling people they're being unfair to Alex Rodriguez begins.
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Spike and Mike talk about the Pistons hilarious trade for Brandon Jennings, the Sixers coaching search (we guess), Evan Turner, and Spike's haircut with Nafis The Barber.
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Spike and Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers talk about Sam Hinkie's silence, the role of the media in sports, and Spike's battle with the WIP Morning Show. Also, the Sixers coaching search.
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Jonah Keri of Grantland joins the show to talk about Ryan Braun, and the Phillies. Howard Eskin shows up to start trouble.
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WIP Show for July 22nd, 2013. 1am hour.
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Jimmy Kempski of Bleeding Green Nation comes on to talk the first day of Eagles training camp.
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94WIP Show, 10pm hour.
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Spike and Mike Levin discuss the available free agent guard options for the Sixers, coaching candidates, and the rest of the league, including the NYETS.
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Spike Eskin and Mike Levin discuss the week in NBA Free Agency, the Sixers hiring of Scott O'Neil and the trade for Royce White. And of course, Andrew Bynum.
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Episode 1A of the unnamed podcast. Spike and Mike talk about Twitter etiquette, NBA free agency, and just how handsome Sam Hinkie is.
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Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers dot com joins the show to talk Sixers and NBA Free Agency.
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Tzvi Twersky of SLAM Magazine joins the show to talk about the Sixers and NBA Free Agency.
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Lee Russakoff joins the show to talk Phillies, and Howard Eskin joins the show to argue.
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94WIP Show from July 7th, 2013, 10pm hour. Talking Chase Utley, Ruben Amaro and the Sixers.
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Spike and Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers talk about the Sixers huge trade of Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel.
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Derek Bodner of Draft Express and Liberty Ballers previews the draft overall, and from a Sixers perspective.
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Tommy Dreamer and John Morrison stop by to talk House Of Harcore #2.
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Talking about NBA Finals Game 7
Direct download: 062021201320Part202.mp3
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Papelbon, the best NBA starting five of the last 30 years, and James Gandolfini.
Direct download: 062021201320Part201.mp3
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Spike and Rich discuss Heat vs. Spurs Game 6, the refs, Lebron James, and the performance of both coaches.
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Vasu Kulkarni joins the podcast to talk about basketball analytics, his company and how they help high school and college basketball teams, and his goal of measure basketball IQ and hustle.
Direct download: Time27s20Yours2006071320Krossover.mp3
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Talking with Rich Hofmann of Liberty Ballers and about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the Finals and Lebron of course.
Direct download: Time27s20Yours2006041320Rich20Hofmann.mp3
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Mike Kelly of Philly band Just Fuck interviews New Politics after a recent show.
Direct download: New20Politics20Podcast20Part202.mp3
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Mike Kelly of the Philly band Just Fuck interviews New Politics after their recent Philly show.
Direct download: New20Politics20Podcast20Part201.mp3
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Finishing up with Ange about the WWE, and finishing up talking about Roy Halladay and La Salle.
Direct download: 032713201am20Hour.mp3
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WRESTLEMANIA SUPERSHOW! Ange Goldstein is in studio to preview Mania, and take us behind the scenes of the WWE.
Direct download: 0327132012am20Hour.mp3
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Corey Seidman joins the show to talk Phillies over/unders, and Howard Eskin stops by to argue about Lebron James.
Direct download: 0327132011pm20Hour.mp3
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Josh Verlin joins the show from Los Angeles to talk about La Salle basketball.
Direct download: 0327132010pm20Hour.mp3
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Clif Duquette joins the show to talk about his book about Iverson and the Sixers, and the legendary Fan Since '09 joins the show to talk about the Adam Aron summit.
Direct download: 032013201am20Hour.mp3
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Josh Verlin of City Of Basketball Love joins the show to talk Big 5 teams in the Tournament, and Moe Koltun of RotoAnalysis with fantasy baseball tips.
Direct download: 0320132012am20Hour.mp3
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Howard Eskin stops by to rant and rave.
Direct download: 0320132011pm20Hour.mp3
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Tony Granieri joins the show to talk the Eagles QB situation, Chip Kelly, Geno Smith and EJ Manuel.
Direct download: 0320132010pm20Hour.mp3
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Ange Goldstein joins the show to talk about Paul Bearer, Wrestlemania and the Iron Sheik Roast.
Direct download: 030613201am20Hour.mp3
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Made Up Trade Hour!
Direct download: 0306132012am20Hour.mp3
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Howard Eskin joins the show to talk about his nonsense, and Moe Koltun joins the show to talk about the Sloan Sports Conference.
Direct download: 0306132011pm20Hour.mp3
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Russ Lande joins the show to talk about the NFL Draft.
Direct download: 0306132010pm20Hour.mp3
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Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers joins the show to talk about the NBA trade deadline.
Direct download: 022013201a.mp3
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Ange Goldstein joins the show to talk about Wrestlemania and Jack Swagger's arrest.
Direct download: 0220132012a.mp3
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