The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast

Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Denver game, and why it seems like Chip Kelly has lost his balls. We annoy Lee with Howie Roseman clips, and close with a discussion of the Breaking Bad finale (we warn you). 

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In the last Rights To Ricky before Sixers training camp begins, Spike and Mike take some listener questions about what we can expect from MCW and Nerlens, who else to keep an eye on, break some Sixers news and give relationship advice. 

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Spike talks to Laura Fraser, who plays Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, about her character, the end of Breaking Bad, and whether Todd has any chance with Lydia. 

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Spike, Lee and Chris discuss the return of Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid, as well as the Eagles gross, ugly loss to the Chiefs.

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Spike and Mike recap the exciting conclusion of #HanginWithSpencer, talk about the Sixers place in NBA Rank, and discuss the latest Andrew Bynum news.

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Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Eagles loss to the Chargers, Nate Allen, Vick's play, why they don't have Colin Kaepernick, and whose face Lee wants to spit in the most.

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Spike and Mike talk about the progress of #HanginWithSpencer, the possible acquisition of Roddy, Boobie, Duhon or Cartier, rooting for bad guys, and the newest Sixers assistant coach. WHEW.
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Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the Eagles win over Washington, the frenetic pace of the offense, whether Vick can stay healthy, and predict the Chargers game.
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Time's Yours is back! Spike, Lee Russakoff and Chris Johnson preview the Eagles season, Lee goes off on Howie Roseman, and we talk about butting in line at the movie theatre.
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Spike and Mike talk about Royce White, take some Twitter questions, and discuss Mike's lifelong dream of hanging out with Spencer Hawes
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